A Crooked Man

A Crooked Man A crooked man with a crooked smile, decided to leave and walk mile after mile. Nary a straight line could the poor fellow follow, circles he trod and wound up back in the hollow. The villagers watched and they heard him say, he wished to escape and walk straight out one day. … Continue reading A Crooked Man


Renamed the blog

With a new year coming along, having something fresh and new can be exhilarating! Decided to rename the blog The Bohemian Scribe, formerly Vignettes and Views. Now to find time for writing and photography, that will be a true gift. Hope you're all enjoying the holidays! Cheers, Lynn Marie 🙂 Image Credit - https://pixabay.com/en/mask-masquerade-venice-carnival-2137634/

Sunflower Smile

Sunflower Smile The happy dapple sunflowers smile Towering tall and proud. Lanky, large and grand Cheerful, yellow and bright. Dazzling friends as they dance in the wind Moving like a rhyme. Bringing joy to those who seek Something ceaselessly fine.   Writing credit – © Lynn Marie Image Credit -  https://pxhere.com/en/photo/838261