Penumbra Frayed and greyed and still - I stayed. Reckless words and tears most days. Bullied and badgered, see the chaos. Keep the secret, just between us. Partial dark, sliver of light. Find it, nurture it, don't lose the fight. Seek it out and make it flow. Polish the sliver, make it grow. Keep on … Continue reading Penumbra


Fantasia The sweetest slumber is made of dreams. Soaring fancies, drifting lyrics. Tumbling notions, aimless musings. Reveries, illusions and sensations flow. Uncharted territories and nameless depths. Shining fantasia, whimsy and lore. Writing Credit – © Lynn Marie Image Credit -

Carriage Green

Took a glorious ride up into the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  Found a lovely spot for photographs and a delicious meal at Swinging Bridge Restaurant in Paint Bank, VA.  There are some historical sites at the location and this carriage caught my eye. Specifications: Sony Cybershot DSC-H300 – edited shot with text added Writing … Continue reading Carriage Green

Sorry Seas

Sorry Seas Turmoil and strife, that's how it goes. Multiply, amplify all of our woes. Crashing and bashing, the rocks chip away. Floundering, blundering, the world goes astray. Lantern preserve us, let your light guide us true. Bright in the darkness, grant us life fresh anew.   Writing credit - © Lynn Marie Image Credit … Continue reading Sorry Seas